You may book your appointments via online through this website.  If you are having trouble securing an appointment, you may contact me via mobile at 815-213-5706 to see if I have availability. I will return all calls within 24-36 hours except during blocked out vacation dates.  During vacation dates, I will post I am out of the office .  I will do my best to accommodate appointment requests, but please understand, I will not be able to accommodate in all cases.


Cancellation, Lateness, and No-Show policies:  Rock River Massage, LLC has a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. Please understand, if you cancel on short-notice or no show, you are prohibiting someone else from receiving a bodywork session.  Because I am the sole proprietor, this also affects income and expenses on resources invested in Rock River Massage, LLC. Thank you for your understanding.


Cancellation:  Please be considerate. If you have a session booked, and you need to cancel, please cancel via through your account or contact me via text.  . I understand emergency situations come up.  Please contact me directly in cases of.  Each session will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Repeated cancellations under 24 hours will result in client prohibited from future bookings. Rock River Massage, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to any client.


Lateness:  If you know will be late for your appointment, please contact me at 815-213-5706  to advise your expected time of arrival.  The time you are late for your appointment will be deducted from your total session time (i.e., if you arrive 20 minutes late into your 60-minute session, it will result in a 40- minute session with full payment for the 60-minute session).  If you are my last appointment of the day, I may leave the office if not hearing from you within 15 minutes of your appointment.  Please call if you know you are running late.


No shows:  If I do not receive a call from you within the first 15 minutes of your scheduled appointment, I will assume you are not coming and will consider the appointment a no show.  Repeated no show appointments will result in client prohibited from future bookings.


Location:  Rock River Massage, LLC is located at 213 S. Peoria Ave., Dixon, IL 61021. Please use the North door facing the East (on the deck).  The South door also facing the East is a private residence.   To be respectful for all clients, please only enter when the sign indicates open.  


Payments:  I accept cash and credit cards via Square Mobile App Reader (Visa, MC, AE, Discover).   Sorry, I do not accept personal checks. 



COVID: I am vaccinated.   

Update:  September 15, 2022:  In accordance with the Illinois Department of Public Health Massage therapists are required to provide services consistent with recognized and accepted standards of the profession under Section 45(a) (7) and (18) of the Massage Licensing Act (225 ILCS 57).  If you have exposed lesions, who have any flu-like symptoms, or who have been exposed to someone with MPV in the last 21 days that services will have to be delayed until the rash has fully healed and a fresh layer of skin has formed.


Cleanliness:  This is extremely important to me.  Your and my health are at the utmost importance. All areas will be sanitized pre/post session.


I ask - if you are ill, please stay home.  I have had several clients arrive to sessions finding out already into the session they are in the onset of an illness. This puts the client and me at risk for illness. While massage therapy is good for increasing circulation and boosting the immune system, when we are at the onset of an illness, it can exacerbate the systems making it much worse.  If you are unsure, it is best to be safe, call and reschedule. 

 *I understand sometimes it is just outside of our control.  All last-minute cancellations due to sickness will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

However, abuse of last-minute cancellations will result in client prohibited from future bookings.


Your First Session and Session Intakes:   Every session will begin with an intake to check in to see how you are feeling and discuss your goals for the session.  The first session will take a little longer due to the collection of information on general health and health history, areas of aches/pains/injury, stress, as well as answer any questions you have for me.  Remember, each session is personalized to fit your needs, so this is an important step of each session to ensure we are tailoring the session for you.  Please read massage treatment descriptions.


Communication:  In conjunction with cleanliness, communication is of the utmost importance with massage therapy and bodywork.  Please communicate with me openly on pressure, technique, and/or comfort levels.   If a client is dissatisfied they must communicate within the first ten minutes of a session so we can adjust or determine if this is a good fit for them.  There are no refunds provided on services if a client does not communicate within the first ten minutes of a session.  


Pre/Post Bodywork:  To ensure your complete privacy, please refrain from beginning to undress (at the beginning) or come off the table to dress (upon completion) until I leave the room.  Please undress only to your comfort level. 


Draping:  All clients will be properly draped.  Please communicate with the therapist at all times if you feel uncomfortable whatsoever.


Drugs and Alcohol:  Please refrain from arriving to your appointment under the influence of drugs or alcohol.    This prohibits your ability to effectively communicate pressure.  


Perfumes and colognes:  Please refrain from wearing perfumes and/or colognes to your session. 



Inappropriate Behavior:  Rock River Massage, LLC is a solely professional and therapeutic based massage therapy practice.  There is zero tolerance for any inappropriate, abusive, and/or sexual based behavior.   I reserve the right to refuse service or end a session at any time with full payment required. 


Scope of Practice:
As a Licensed Massage Therapist I will operate within the guidelines of my Scope of Practice.  I am not authorized or allotted to diagnose, provide medical advice nor should massage therapy be perceived in lieu of medical  treatment.  


Medical Disclaimer:

Your wellbeing is important.  If you believe you need medical attention please consult your physician and in emergency situations, please contact 911.  Any information on this website is informational only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or replace medical advice.  .  When booking appointments, you confirm you understand, Sheri Dvorak, LMT, and Rock River Massage, LLC is not authorized to diagnose or treat medical conditions and release from any liability.

Liability:  By booking an appointment you confirm you agree you release all liability from Rock River Massage, LLC and Sheri Dvorak, LMT.


Your Rights – Confidentiality:  Bodywork sessions and health history are completely confidential. Unless subpoenaed, I will not disclose what we discuss during our session unless you provide written consent.   

I do not sell your informationPlease see Rock River Massage, LLC privacy policy